The SmashPatty™ Breakfast Sando

Makes 2 sandos

A note to the plant-based eaters in the club: this breakfast sando is also for you! Get your hands on some plant based breakfast sausage if you can, (many brands make it), and then proceed with the recipe as written. For those of you using pork sausage, any kind will work--you’re most likely to find it in link form, which can easily be removed from the casings in order to create patties. If you happen to get your hands on loose ground sausage meat (gross, I know), you’re one step ahead of the game.

Active Time: 40 Mins

Total Time: 40 mins



  • 2 handfuls arugula


  • ½ white onion


  • ¼ cup mayonnaise


  • Hot sauce (such as Sriracha, Cholula, Red Clay etc)


  • 2 English muffins, kaiser rolls, or brioche rolls


  • 1 tablespoon vegetable oil


  • Kosher salt, freshly ground black pepper


  • 2 slices American cheese


  • 2 large eggs


  • 1 tablespoon butter


  • 6 ounces uncooked pork or plant-based breakfast sausage (loose or links)

1. Do some prep:

  • In a small bowl mix together ¼ cup mayonnaise, and some hot sauce to taste--this is a personal preference thang.
  • Thinly slice about ½ of a white onion into paper thin rings (Use a mandoline if possible; the thinner the better.) Set half of the sliced onion aside. Toss the remaining sliced onion in a small bowl with a big pinch of salt, and a few dashes of hot sauce. Stir to combine and let sit to lightly pickle.
  • Lightly spread both sides of 2 English muffins with some of the mayo/hot sauce mixture and set aside. You’ll have quite a bit of mayo leftover for slathering later on.
  • Beat 2 large eggs in a medium bowl until no streaks remain, season with salt and pepper.

2. Smash the patties:

  • If using sausage links, cut open and remove the insides of 6 ounces of breakfast sausage, discarding the casings. Divide the sausage into two piles. Using your hands, work the sausage together until it forms a more homogeneous ball shaped mass. If using loose sausage just skip right to forming the balls.
  • Place the two sausage balls on one half of a piece of parchment paper, fold the second half of parchment over them and firmly smash down on each ball with the bottom of a heavy skillet to flatten them into about 4”-ish rounds (about ¼” thick).

3. Start cooking:

  • Heat a large cast iron skillet over medium heat.
  • Arrange the English muffins, cut sides down in the skillet and toast, moving them around the skillet as needed until golden brown and sizzling underneath, 3-4 minutes.
  • Transfer to a plate.
  • Increase the heat to medium high, and add 1 tablespoon vegetable oil to the skillet.
  • Preheat until wisps of smoke start to emanate from the skillet.
  • Arrange both sausage patties in the skillet (or work one at a time if the pan looks crowded) and divide the raw sliced onions among them, topping each patty.
  • Season the onions well with salt.
  • Cook, undisturbed, until the patties are browned and crisp and the edges are well caramelized underneath, 3-5 minutes.
  • Flip the patties over, so that the onions are now underneath.
  • Turn off the heat and place one slice of American cheese on each patty.
  • Cover the skillet with a lid or baking sheet to allow the cheese to melt slowly from the residual heat.

4. Scramble the eggs:

  • Heat a small non-stick skillet over medium high heat.
  • Add 1 tablespoon of butter to the skillet and swirl to coat. Once the butter melts and foaming subsides, add the beaten eggs.
  • Working quickly with a rubber spatula, pull the eggs from the outside edges of the pan in towards the center, tilting the pan to allow new egg to run towards the outside, and continuing to push the eggs toward the center until large fluffy curds have set in the center of the skillet, that are still slightly wet on top, 30 seconds.
  • Remove from the heat.

5. Assemble:

  • Slather more of the spicy mayo on each side of the English muffins.
  • Place a sausage patty on the bottoms of the muffins. Divide the scrambled eggs among them. Add more hot sauce if desired. Top with some of the marinated onions, a small handful of arugula and top of the English muffin. EAT!

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